Xtreme Escape

XTREME ESCAPE Provides the very best in total immersive entertainment, Our Games are designed to challenge your mind while promoting team building and communication skills. Use your intuition, Brainpower and creative thinking to solve puzzles and uncover secrets and mysteries while you race against the clock. Our Themed rooms are authentic, carefully crafted and family-friendly, They have been built from the ground up to take our customers into a fantasy world. Our goal is to create an experience filled with fun and excitement making memories that will last a life time! We are the only escape rooms in Las Vegas that can accommodate large groups and offer two identical rooms, head- o-head competition between teams!. We have 6 exciting game rooms and a lounge area. Personalized arrangements can be made and special private group prices are available! We can help accommodate your needs and make your experience unforgettable. Are you Up for the Challenge?

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