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A small company formed in 2000 with the assumption that people really want more than to be herded around and shown the same old stuff, and then herded back onto a huge bus, and off to the next ........'tourist spot'. All our tours are carefully planned and managed to meet the highest service standards, and provide a unique perspective. We pride ourselves on creating 'oohs', 'ahhs' and plenty of smiles. Really we find that a pretty easy task considering how incredible this part of the world is. The advantages of traveling in a small group are obvious, and we have even been know to deviate substantially from the plan, when a sudden opportunity beckons the whole group. Join us for a very personal encounter with Super Natural British Columbia, Canada.

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Stanley Park, Canada Place, BC Place Stadyumu, Granville Adası, Lions Gate Köprüsü, Vancouver Totem Direkleri, Vancouver Çin mahallesi, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Klasik Çin Bahçesi, Capilano Suspension Bridge, English Bay Plajı, Vancouver Kuşlar Heykeli, Vancouver Akvaryumu

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Vancouver, Victoria

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