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Slow Tours Romania offers high-quality tours of Bucharest, daytrips and multi-day tours. Our company the aim of showing visitors the diversity of Romania. Our tours are always a balanced mix of incredible places, landscapes, outdoor activities and people. The pace of the tours will give you time to absorb, to think and to discuss different aspects of Romanian culture, history and society. As our name suggests, we support the concept of slow travel. That means, that we like to engage more with local communities and support these. We work with some of the best tour guides in the country, that share our values. We know that a great tour guide can make a huge difference. We’ve been working in tourism since 2002 and would like to share with you our enthusiasm about Romania, providing you with a great tour experience.

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Üniversite Meydanı (Piaţa Universitǎţii), Romen Ateneum'u, Romanya Ulusal Sanat Müzesi, Bucharest Old Town, Piața Revoluției

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