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Are you ready to really discover Perth? Get the inside scoop on Perth and Fremantle’s greatest spots and hidden gems with a friendly and knowledgeable local as your guide. Come walk with us on one of our fun and factual walking tours. Two Feet & a Heartbeat’s multi award winning walking tours will show you a side of Perth you'd never find on your own. We run daily walking tours of Perth & Fremantle 365 days a year that work great as an orientation, a way to meet some new people or if you’re looking to delve into the rich history of the Swan River Colony. Plus, we also run our popular Small Bar and Restaurant Tour that will get your taste-buds watering and show off the amazing small bar culture that has sprung up in the city and outer suburbs. Since 2007, we've been giving people a great time on our historically accurate, yet fun and adventurous, guided walking tours. Two Feet have connected together the pieces of Perth’s history, heritage, quirky tales, favourite past-times and emerging culture. Our tours are the definitive way to see Perth and surrounds. We pride ourselves on our flexibility so let us show you the city on one of our regular small group tours or contact us if you are looking for something different. Individual, group, school, exclusive and corporate tailored walks to suit almost any wish list. We offer tours with no minimum numbers on our daily departures so you are guaranteed to see a side of Perth and Fremantle that you won’t find in your guide book! So come on out and explore the city with us......we are your ultimate guide...all you need is Two Feet & a Heartbeat!

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Perth, Sidney, Fremantle

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