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Having a Tour-ific Time with the family this Easter If you’re looking for a fresh and exciting activity to do with the family this Easter that’s not too a ‘time consuming’, then why not hop onto Professor Quantum’s Magnificent Time Tour? The peculiar Professor Quantum has just arrived from the future at the quite ordinary bus stand outside the Grand Hotel, Trafalgar Square with his incredible Time Bus and he’s inviting you to join him on his journey through London – and through time! The adventure begins on Northumberland Avenue and from there passengers will have front row seats as the Professor talks through his favourite tales of London’s history. Past Buckingham Palace, Westminster and across the Thames, from Kings and Queens to the Great Fire, what better way to learn about the capital from a man who has seen it all? Combining sightseeing with theatre, technical trickery and an insightful look at London’s rich past, this is ideal entertainment for all the family and suitable for all ages. Tickets for groups of up to 12 people are priced at £18 a ticket and costs £12 for children under the age of 15, students and senior citizens. The tours run on Saturday and Sunday at 2.45pm. More tours will be available over the Easter holidays. Contact the company for more details and bookings by calling 0844 5678666, email or visit

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