TABLAO DE CARMEN right in the Andalusian Quarter of El Poble Espanyol up on the mountain of Montjuic. This evocative village was created for the World Fair back in 1929 to show off Spain's rich architectural tradition. Today, El Poble Espanyol offers a wide range of entertainment. When it was first opened, the renowened flamenco dancer Carmen Amaya performed here for Alfonso XIII, the King of Spain, right on the spot where now stands the Tablao wich bears her name. Created in memory of famed flamenco dancer CARMEN AMAYA, the Tablao de Carmen has been presenting flamenco in its purest form since 1988. This show is not to be missed, as testified by our many visitors from all over Spain and around de world. Here you will enjoy a traditional tablao whose attraction lies in the direct and sensual character of an art which is a fiery combination of tradition and improvisation. The setting is reminiscent of a stylish Seville Fail where the intimacy of audience and artist creates a warm and festive atmosphere.

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Parc de Montjuic, Poble Espanyol

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