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Serenity was never meant to be merely a company name, but rather an overall awareness. My goal is to provide each and every individual with a complete experience not found anywhere else. This vision began many years ago when, as a young Vietnam army pilot, I started my career in the Hawaiian Islands. While working for a large tour company I began to understand that the “ride itself” needed to become a portion of a much larger experience. This concept became the driving force behind my passion to create first Air Maui, and now Serenity Helicopters. It is my core belief that to be able to deliver the finest level of service possible a company needs to remain intimate. We have owned and operated Air Maui, located in Hawaii for over 20 years. Our success and FLAWLESS SAFETY RECORD set the standards for the rest of the industry. We employ experienced, knowledgeable TOUR pilots of the highest caliber. Simply flying the helicopter isn’t enough, we must also become skilled caretakers of both your safety and enjoyment. My entire staff is simply the very best at what they do.

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