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These words express See X Sea Cruise Line mission and values We are committed to provide the highest standard of safe cruises, best service with competitive prices, one of the leading companies in Marine Tourism Industry. See X Sea Cruise Line is a modern, luxury voyage experience for exquisite travellers who search for out-of-the-ordinary views and enjoy incomparable luxury service. Enjoy the experience: We are chartered private boat specialists. We provided crewed luxury boat voyages covering major landmarks: Dubai Marina, The Palm Jumeirah, and across the lagoon to Burj Al Arab, and Dubai sea. Our Customers: Each of our boats is able to provide a private experience for many varieties of guests, ranging from couples, families, business associates and groups up to 11 passengers. Crew & Amenities: Each of our boats are crewed with fully licensed captains which provide exclusive itineraries. Amenities include luxury leather seating, premium tower with canvas (shade), surround sound system, built‐in cold box, LED lighting, swimming platform, luxury storage bags, Platform bridge entrance and Shower &WC. Pricing: All‐inclusive packages per hour. Current Berths Location: ‐ Marina Walk ‐ Dubai Marina Mall

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Burç El Arap (Arapların Kulesi), Palm Cumeyra, Palmiye Adaları, Dubai Marina

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