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Uncork the most impressive dry white wines Greece can present & let your palate guide your senses to the unknown flavor of the indigenous grape varieties. The soil & microclimate, the vines & cultivating techniques, the unique grape varieties & the modern vinification techniques is some of the highlights you can experience choosing the Santorini Wine Tour Service to lead your wine adventure in Santorini with our expert Sommelier Vaios Panagiotoulas. Vaios greatly enjoys conducting wine education presentations, local food industry speaking engagements & chat with our clients. He loves his role as wine educator & wine itinerary developer & ongoing communication with the individual wineries. He loves to share his passion for wine with all levels of wine consumers from the novice to the most disceming wine connoisseur & traveler. He looks forward to assist each of our clients with a special, very personalized wine tasting journey.

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