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Let us take you on a journey to some of the world’s most significant sites. Visit the historical Cu Chi tunnels, the laidback backwaters of the lush Mekong Delta and the UNESCO-listed Can Gio Biosphere Reserve. Saigon River Express specialises in offering authentic experiences in areas that can only be accessed via the region’s scenic waterways. Cruise between verdant rice paddies and mirror-like pools along the tributaries and canals of the river of nine dragons - the Mekong Delta. Step back into Vietnam’s not-too-distant past at the Cu Chi Tunnels to experience wartime life. Cruise mangrove forests off Vietnam’s southern coastline and learn about the diverse flora and fauna of captivating Can Gio. Fall into the local rhythm and take time to enjoy the here and now. Connect with Vietnam’s landscapes, warm people and perhaps, even yourself.

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Cu Chi tünelleri, Cao Dai Tapınağı, Mekong Nehri Deltası, Saigon Tekne Turu, Cần Giờ

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Ho Chi Minh Kenti

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