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With years of experience, RomeInLimo is a tour operator/travel consulting and limousine service company that prides itself on its customer service, integrity, and passion for Italian art, history, and culture. We specialize in luxury car hire and tailor made personalized tours in Rome, and throughout Italy. We employ only professionals, which allows us to provide the utmost quality of experience for our clientele. Our company mandate centres on the satisfaction of our clients, as we aspire to only the highest standards of service. We believe that the best advertising is a happy client; one who will recommend us to their family and friends, and use our services again in the future. For your convenience and enjoyment we offer luxury sedans, vans, and mini-buses, accompanied by knowledgeable drivers who are eager to make your experience in Italy memorable. At your request, we provide licensed tour guides with exceptional knowledge of Italian culture, art, and historical sites. Our job is to make your trip unforgettable! Duman K.

RomeInLimo Company şu ilgi çeken yerler için turlar ve aktiviteler önerir:

Vatikan, Sistina Şapeli, Aziz Petrus Bazilikası, Roma Forumu, Kolezyum, Panteon, Trevi Çeşmesi, Piazza Navona, Circus Maximus, İspanyol Merdivenleri, Caracalla Termalleri, Pompeii, Vezüv Yanardağı, Roma Açık Hava Müzesi, Vatikan Müzeleri, Piazza Venezia, Aziz Giovanni Baptisteri, Pisa Kulesi, Uffizi, Ponte Vecchio (Eski Köprü), Pitti Sarayı, Michelangelo’nun Davut Heykeli, Accademia Gallery, Floransa, Tiber Nehri, Herkulaneum, Via Condotti

RomeInLimo Company şu şehirlerde turlar ve aktiviteler önerir:

Roma, Napoli, Positano, Civitavecchia, Floransa, Pisa, Livorno, Orvieto, Civita di Bagnoregio, Amalfi, Ravello, Sorrento

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