Roland Klawitter

I have been working as a guide for over 20 years. I started just after leaving the private Tourism School in Malaga and I am still excited guiding and showing people around Andalusia and specially Tangier, Morocco. I really love my job! It is so fascinating... Travelling has been my passion since my childhood. I have been living in different countries, like Colombia, Angola, Mocambique, Kenya, Canary Island and that’s why I share the enthusiasm of the tourists who come to visit my motherland. You simply can’t imagine how much Spain has to offer. There are so many universally recognized historical monuments and places of interest that even a lifetime won’t be enough to discover them all. After all it is the country with one of the richest and most glorious history and culture! Throughout history Spain gave shelter to various peoples and ethnicities: Phoenicians, Romans Carthaginians, Greeks, Visigoths, Vandals, and Arabs. Even Napoleon was captivated by Spain and tried to invade it. It is worth noting that each of these numerous peoples has left certain traces, heritage in Spain.

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ArsMálaga, Alcazaba, Picasso Müzesi Malaga, Plaza de la Merced, Malaga Roma Tiyatrosu, Santiago Kilisesi

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