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Rock Junket is NY's Original Rock n' Roll walking tour for over 10 years. Our tours have been covered by the New York Times, MTV, VH1, Rolling Stone magazine and many other media outlets. Rock Junket tours will not only show the obvious rock sites but also the obscure. Our East Village tour looks at the great scene that unfolded there in 60's through the 90's. Sites include CBGB, Fillmore East, Joey Ramone Place, album cover sites and more. The Rock Junket Bob Dylan tour traces the steps of Dylan from the Gas Light and Cafe Wha? to where he lived and wrote songs. We also offer tours of the Beatles and Customized tours. We offer group tours and private tours as well. Rock Junket founder Bobby Pinn is also the author of "Rock Junket - New York City" the ultimate source book for music related sites in New York City.

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East Village, Manhattan, Bowery, Aşağı Doğu Yakası, Greenwich Village, Cafe Wha?

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New York

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