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Robin and the Tourguides is a young and fresh company offering top-quality sightseeing tours without compromises. Our tours are just like we would love to have them as guests: authentic – we do what we believe in local – including our Hamburg experience personal – each guide offers unique tours special – including things you would otherwise hardly discover entertaining – we all steal each others' jokes Either original Hamburger or living here for a long time everyone of us has his or her own special history with our city presenting it with passion and engagement. This is how we offer you a really unique Hamburg experience with our guided tours. Look for our yellow umbrellas!

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St. Pauli, Reeperbahn, Speicherstadt (Depo Bölgesi), Speicherstadt Kaffeeroesterei, Chilehaus, Kontorhausviertel, Hamburg Limanı, Hamburg Belediye Binası, Sankt Michael Kilisesi, Jungfernstieg, Liman İskelesi (Landungsbruecken), Herbertstraße, Hamburg Balık Pazarı

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