Richard Petty Driving Experience 10 Yorum

Richard Petty Driving Experience puts you in a NASCAR race car for an adrenaline pumping thrill of a lifetime that gets you as close to being in The Race as you will ever get! Program offerings are year-round, at Walt Disney World Speedway (Orlando, FL) and Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Choose from one of our Driving Experiences where your hands are on the wheel, your foot is on the gas and 600 horses are ready to take you for 8 to 80 laps around your favorite speedway. Rather let someone else do the driving? No problem! Ride-along shotgun from the passenger seat as one of our professional instructors takes you for 3 laps around the track at speeds up to 165mph. Don't forget to take your experience home with our RPDE signature t-shirts, polo shirts, hats and other commemorative souvenir merchandise. Other add-ons include our Race Keeper in-car video packages, state-of-the-art digital photography and photo plaques.

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Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas

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