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Welcome’s you to our Beautiful Island where diversity and ecology meet in a perfect harmony! Eight ecosystems found on our island that range from open water reefs, mangrove channels, salt water lagoons inland to tropical rainforest peaks known as the cloud forest await you! Let our well trained guides show you Puerto Rico’s natural wonders via Kayaking & Nature Walk tours! Guided tours with a purpose of viewing, interacting within a natural environment with our goal on interpretation, education, leading to conservation of Puerto Rico’s natural wonders! We are licensed & endorsed by "Puerto Rico Tourism Company", "Department of Natural Resources", "U.S. Forestry Department", "Puerto Rico Hotel & Tourism Association", "Puerto Rico Convention Bureau" and are proud to promote "Responsible Marketing", "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle", "Pack It In Pack it Out" and "Sustainable Tourism"! Looking forward to showing you Puerto Rico's natural wonders through a "Fun, Safe, Memorable, Experience every time! Enchanted Island Eco Tours Inc. is a legally licensed outfitter of Nature & Adventure tours since 1997 and holds its permits with the Department of Natural Resources & the U.S. Forestry Department. Come and enjoy the Glowing Waters of Laguna Grande in Fajardo, Puerto Rico with "The First, The Oldest, The Original Outfitter of the Bioluminescent Bay Kayak Adventure!

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Bioluminescent Bay

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Fajardo, San Juan, Karolina

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