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Professional tour guides and comfortable buses Our guides are experienced professionals, who know Prague like the backs of their hands and are happy to reveal secrets of the city for you. They all have professional certificates and they are fluent in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian or Russian. We guarantee comfortable coaches, minibuses and cars with air-conditioning. Wide range of services Discover the beauties of Prague with PRAGUE SIGHTSEEING TOURS! You have over 15 interesting tours to choose from. Stroll down the Old Town, discover monuments of Prague comfortably from a bus, admire the magnificent panorama of the Prague Castle from a boat while sipping a cup of coffee.Also architectural gems outside Prague are waiting for you to explore: royal castle Karlštejn, gothic dome in Kutná Hora or picturesque medieval town of Český Krumlov. Individuals and small groups are very welcome; large groups get discounts. Do you have special wishes? We will be happy to organise tailor made tours for you!

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Prag Kalesi, Karl Köprüsü, Prag Astronomik Saat Kulesi; Astronomik Saat Kulesi, St. Vitus Katedrali, Eski Şehir Meydanı, Prag, Wenceslas Meydanı, Rudolfinum, Yahudi Mahallesi (Josefov), Prag Eski Şehir Belediye Binası, Devlet Operası, Prag, Vitava Nehri, Altın Yol, Prag, Prag Ulusal Müzesi, Prag St. Nicholas Katedrali, Charles Meydanı

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