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Prague Behind The Scenes is small local business based in Prague, providing unique small-group tours designed for those who want to explore Prague in a less-touristy way. The tour covers most of Prague’s main sights and many hidden gems; the kind of places you wouldn’t find on your own. This isn’t a herd-style or umbrella tour, but rather a friendly walk with a real Prague resident. Small group sizes mean that clients have plenty of opportunity to ask questions, learn and interact. The size of the group is always max. 8 people. This tour takes Prague visitors from the crowds along a non-touristy route for a more authentic experience. The best bit? Free WiFi for instant photo sharing online and original gift for every participant.

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Prag Kalesi, Karl Köprüsü, St. Vitus Katedrali, Rudolfinum, Prasna Brana, Loreta, Strahov Manastırı, Prag Kale Bölgesi

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