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Passeggiate Italiane is a travel agency born from the idea of Laura Carsillo who is the owner. Laura has worked for many years as a tourist guide in Rome, now with a doctorate level degree in art history, she continues to strive in helping visitors discover the very best Italy has to offer. She has a particular sensibility for World Heritage sites having worked for UNESCO in Florence and Ferrara, before moving to Venice and deciding to provide her own experience and knowledge to those who visit. Rome, Florence and Venice, along with other less traveled locations are offered as destinations for personalized tours that offer an authentic contact with the city and the territory by discovering monuments, historic handicrafts and traditional activity that take place. Visitors are encouraged to follow diverse itineraries that take a side route from the usual places of mass tourism, or can participate in more classical tours accompanied by specialized professional guides. To get to really know a location, above from the stereotypical sites - this is the true objective of Laura and Passeggiate Italiane.

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Büyük Kanal, Piazza San Marco, Dorsoduro, Il Redentore, Venedik Lagünü, Giudecca, Palazzo Ducale, San Marco Bazilikası, Rialto Köprüsü, Murano Adaları, Santa Maria Formosa

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Venedik, Padova

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