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Orbic is the premier leader in helicopter tours of Los Angeles and Hollywood. The only helicopter tour company to feature a mountain top landing overlooking the beautiful Malibu coast. Whether visiting or looking to re-discover Los Angeles, Orbic has an exciting aerial adventure waiting for you. We offer a variety of tour packages to suit any occasion -or we'll work with you to customize your very own adventure. As always, Orbic's rates are fixed and free of surcharges and hidden fees.

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Dodger Stadyumu, Dolby Tiyatrosu, Hollywood Sign, Griffith Rasathanesi, Staples Center, Los Angeles Venice, Getty Center, Los Angeles Venice İskelesi, Santa Monica İskelesi, Hollywood Hills, Venice Beach, Sunset Strip, Beverly Hills, Marina del Rey, Universal Studios Hollywood, Pacific Coast Highway - Yol 1

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Los Angeles

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