Nuremberg Tours in English I must admit that I love giving tours. And the big advantage of doing a private tour with me is that I’ll cater specifically to your area of interest and conduct the tour at your pace. After all… it’s your tour. Needless to say, TripAdvisor consistently rates my private tours and day trips as the best in Nuremberg. Of course, you could head out on your own or book a group tour, but why make things hard on yourself or take a cookie-cutter group tour that doesn’t take your personal interests or needs into consideration? With me, YOU set the pace and YOU decide how you want to enjoy your tour. Hiring me is like going somewhere for the first time and meeting up with a friend who lives there. My local knowledge is readily apparent and, in terms of Nuremberg’s World War II and medieval history, I’ll give you an excellent historical perspective as well. Best of all, American English is my mother language.

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