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Marsh Landing Adventures / Orlando Airboat Tours offers the best Airboat Tour and Adventure to see the wild nature of Central Florida. We are a premier Airboat Tour on small 6 passenger private Airboats that take you into the Headwaters of the Florida Everglades and into the realm of the American Alligator. We offer the closest Airboat ride and Eco-Tour to all of Central Florida. Our fleet of Airboats and Captains are all USCG approved and properly insured. Enjoy nature at it's finest on one of our private 1-hour, 90-min, or 2-hour Eco-Tour Safari's. You can hop on one of our state of the art 6 passenger private Airboats with stadium seating for an un-obstructive fantastic view of the flora and fauna that call Central Florida their home. As this a subtropical climate it promotes the growth of lush vegetation, providing the natural habitats for a great many species. Included are many endangered species of birds such as the American Bald Eagle. You will have the thrill of riding through the swamps, marsh and wet prairies with spots along to way to take photos and listen to the Captain describe all the special features you will see. This is the best way to see the true Florida.

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