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"Marina Wilson Private Tours" ("M.W.P.Tours") is a boutique tour operating agency (MBT 003117) offering an extensive range of group and individual tours of ST-Petersburg as well as fully customized land packages to Russia. We run regular group tours of world-known highlights of ST-Petersburg in English. All departures are guranteed and the maximum number of PAX for day group tours is 6. Private touring arrangements and special interest tours are available. Private tours are offered in English and other European languages. The choice of informative, customer-oriented guides is our top priority. All our tours are educational, experiential and lots of fun.We do not just sell tours and excursions but create memories.

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Ermitaj Müzesi, Kış Sarayı, Voskresenia Khristova Kilisesi, Nevsky Prospekt, Saint Isaac Katedrali, Peter ve Paul Kalesi, Peter ve Paul Katedrali, Peterhof Sarayı, Catherine Sarayı, Rus Devlet Müzesi, Yusupov Sarayı

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St. Petersburg

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