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Hush Tours provides you with inside access to exclusive monuments in Hip-Hop culture with celebrity guided tours that venture through the boroughs of New York City. Our unique tours travel from the confines of Manhattan to the underworld of the Bronx, while providing crucial information on the origins of a culture that has shaped the urban community for over three decades. Join our journey to some of New York City's most overlooked historical hubs on a wide variety of tours that include bus, walking and aerosol art specific experiences. which visit cultural landmarks such as the Graffiti Hall of Fame, 5Ptz, the stomping grounds of Hip-Hop legends, and the parks, recreation centers, and anywhere that helped establish one of the world's most impacting cultures.

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Harlem, Graffiti Hall of Fame, Manhattan Skyline, Manhattan Köprüsü, New York Transit Müzesi, Apollo Theater, New York City Hall, New York Müzesi, Seventh Avenue

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New York, Brooklyn

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