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We offer private sightseeing tours in Berlin and Potsdam. The idea behind Humboldt Tours Berlin is to organise local guides caring for small groups. All our tour guides were either born in Berlin or have been living here at least ten years. All of them have an academic degree, mostly in history. They know the city because it is their home place. We customize our tours according to the interests of the traveller. The guide you get is your very personal conversation partner - and much more.

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Führerbunker, Prenzlauer Berg, Sovyet Savaş Anıtı, Berlin Story Müzesi, Berlin Duvarı Anıtı, Berlin Duvarı, Tranenpalast - Gözyaşı Sarayı, Checkpoint Charlie, Friedrichstraße, Cecilienhof Sarayı, Reichstag, Müzeler Adası, Topographie des Terrors, Gendarmenmarkt, Brandenburg Kapısı, THE GATE Berlin

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Berlin, Potsdam, Rostock

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