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The Hermitage Amsterdam is a spectacular, multi-functional museum with exhibition rooms, a cafe restaurant, shops, a study centre, an auditorium and a Hermitage for Children housed in a superbly renovated landmark on the River Amstel in the heart of the city. In addition to organising breathtaking exhibitions, the Hermitage Amsterdam also presents concerts, lectures and courses. Twice a year the Hermitage Amsterdam hosts an exhibition in one of its two exhibition wings, showcasing some of the magnificent objects in Russia’s museums. Exhibitions about art, archaeology or history. The displays are designed to complement current presentations in Amsterdam and the Netherlands. Each exhibition is accompanied by an exquisite catalogue. At the moment you can see the exhitbition 'Catherine the Greatest, self-polished diamond'. It's the unbelievable story of a 14-year old German princess that became the most powerful Empress of her time. In the Hermitage Amsterdam you will be enthralled and brought in to the fairy tale of this legendary Empress. Except from our own exhibit you can see one of the exhibitions from the Amsterdam Museum, The Portrait Gallery of the Golden Age and The Outsider art Museum.

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