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We are the most unique tour company in Amsterdam, offering a huge selection of different tours with tons of important information on the city that we love. We love this city, because we know it is the greatest city on earth! We also know how confusing a city like Amsterdam can be to the everyday tourist, and our job is to make sure you get the most out of your time here. We want you to love it as much as we do! Although Amsterdam does have a reputation as a party city (and it is!) it is also a beautiful city steeped in culture and history. There are so many things that Amsterdam has to offer, and we’ve spent years sorting out the best from the rest. Our tours range from concentrating on history and culture, to letting you experience the best of Dutch traditional foods and products. If you’re here to party, we offer the best Pub-Crawl in town. If it is cheese, windmills and landscapes you’re after, we’ve got tours for those too! Whatever you’re in town to experience, we can guarantee a tour that is suited to you. On foot, by bicycle or on a boat – FunAmsterdam Tours has it all and we’d love nothing better than to show it to you!

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Red Light District, The Jordaan, Rembrandt House, Amstel, Royal Palace, Dam Meydanı, Eski Kilise, Yeni Kilise, Damrak Caddesi, Nieuwmarkt Meydanı, Dappermarkt, Hermitage Amsterdam, Amsterdam Tarih Müzesi, Amsterdam Çiçek Pazarı, Heineken Experience

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