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Free Tours by Foot is pleased to present pay-what-you-like walking, food, bike and bus tours of many U.S. and European cities. These unique and entertaining tours will take you through many of these city's most interesting neighborhoods. Your budget shouldn't prevent you from enjoying a quality sightseeing tour. That's where we come in. Our guides work on a name-your-own-price model, meaning you the guest determines what a tour was worth or what you could afford after the tour is done, even free! There is no cost to take most of our tours.

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Buckingham Sarayı, Thames Nehri, Londra Kalesi, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Tower Bridge, St. Paul Katedrali, Globe Tiyatrosu, 10 Downing Street, Tate Modern, Covent Garden, Westminster Sarayı, Oxford Street, Londra Köprüsü, Westminster Sarayı, Saint James Sarayı, Leicester Meydanı Bahçeleri, Muhafızların Nöbet Değişimi, Londra Kulesi, The Shard, Millennium Köprüsü, Londra Temple Kilisesi, Big Ben, Trafalgar Meydanı

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