Foodie&Tours is s an online marketplace for unique gastronomic experiences and our mission is to promote gastronomy tourism. One-stop-shop for discovering and booking gastronomic experiences in Europe. Through the tours we offer you will find select places to eat, cook and indulge in exquisite food, with customized services and events designed for demanding taste buds. Our philosophy is simple. Food is culture, and we want to share it with you. We get excited over food. We like to be able to go behind the scenes and learn from the people involved in its creation -chefs, farmers, wine growers and artisan food producers. We believe that you can get to know a region's true character through its food, so the tours we promote reflect a profound respect for the land and preserve the rich local traditions that have been passed down through generations and make us who we are. With us you'll not only be able to savour fantastic food, but also get to know about the people behind its flavours, and what happens when you taste them. We'll take you to unique dining experiences, walking food tours, secret countryside places to enjoy wine and local product tastings, tapas sessions, cookery classes and culinary events. Hop on!

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Gothic Quarter (Barri Gotic), El Born, La Boqueria

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