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Exploring London, a metropolis of over seven million people, can be overwhelming. With such an incredible wealth of historical and cultural attractions, it’s tough knowing where to start. With Fat Bike Tours you can explore London from a fun and unique perspective. Cycling is an ideal way to experience the sites and serves as the perfect introduction to the city. We offer two unique bike tours through London, the Royal London Tour and the River Thames Tour. We also have a brand new concept of small group, themed walking tours (that’s right, no bikes on these) led by one of our truly awesome guides, and culminating with a sit down for one of London’s classic meals at one of our favourite establishments.

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Notting Hill, Knightsbridge, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Prenses Diana Anıt Çeşmesi, Thames Nehri, Londra Kalesi, The Shard, Globe Tiyatrosu, Borough Market, Londra Kulesi, London Eye, Tower Bridge, St. Paul Katedrali, Westminster Sarayı, Londra Köprüsü, The Den Stadium, West End, Buckingham Sarayı, Whitehall Atlı Muhafızların Geçit töreni, Muhafızların Nöbet Değişimi

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