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For more than 10 years, Family in New York has provided sightseeing tours to guests visiting from around the world. All of our guides are licensed by the City of New York, and all vehicles and drivers are licensed with the New York City Taxi and Limousine Commission, as required by law. We are fully licensed and fully insured. The highest of integrity and ethics in business and relationships is of utmost importance to us. All of our tours are private, with just your guide, you and those who come to New York with you. Your itinerary will be custom created and personalized according to your, wishes, needs and desires. With our tours, there is no wasting of time at sights in which you are not interested and no competing with others for your tour guide's time and attention. It is just like having Family in New York. In addition to providing private sightseeing tours throughout the city to those staying in New York, we provide layover tours for those passing through the airports; shore excursions, for those visiting for the day by ship and tours in which we pick guests up from their inbound the airport or ship, tour them around for the day and drop them at their outbound airport or ship at the end of the tour. We not only provide private sightseeing tours throughout the city of New York, but also private day trips to such places as Washington, DC; Amish Country in Pennsylvania and more. We are a member of IATA and ranked in the top 10% of travel businesses world wide.

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NY Skyride, New York Üniversitesi, New York Aquarium, Central Park, Times Square, Apollo Theater, Harlem, Little Italy NYC, New York Transit Müzesi, Beyaz Saray, Amerikan Kongre Binası, Washington Anıtı, Arlington Ulusal Mezarlığı (Arlington National Cemetery), Amerika Birleşik Devletleri Kongre Kütüphanesi, National Mall, Smithsonian American Art Museum, Martin Luther King Jr. Anıtı, Özgürlük Heykeli, Manhattan Skyline, Chrysler Binası, Lower Manhattan, Hudson River Park, Brooklyn Heights Promenade, East River Park, Top of the Rock Seyir Terası, Grand Central Terminali, Rockefeller Center, New York Büyük Merkez İstasyonu

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New York, Brooklyn, Washington, DC

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