EU Live Ltd

EU Live Ltd. is set to become London's most successful and entertaining tour organisation, specialising in the best live entertainment and music performances. A completely unique and quality tour operator showcasing the real London experience for tourists from overseas and within the United Kingdom. EU Live will ultimately take care of guests travel and entertainment needs from airport transfers, hotel bookings, live performances, restaurants, musicals and sightseeing famous landmarks with optional modes of transport around central London. Experience this city's most exciting, wining EU Live events. A first of a kind, a thrilling entertainment tour organisation. A memorable journey showcasing London's best in live shows. Relish in your choice of music, concerts, bands, comedy shows, musicals, restaurants, cocktail and DJ Bars. In addition, sightsee London's famous, iconic landmarks. EU Live, all you need for the London experience.

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Westminster Abbey, Soho, Chelsea

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