Ecoexperiencias is a Mexican company with 13 years of experience organizing student travel, adventure travel, tours and summer camps, what makes us pioneers in this segment in Chiapas and the Lacandon Jungle. Ecoexperiencias Chiapas is a company that was created as a project focused at promoting tourism in the major cities of our country, mainly Southeast Mexico and the Riviera Maya. Arises with the idea of ​​satisfying the dreams of our tourists through experiences surrounded by nature, mysticism and harmony of the ancient cultures that flourished in our country. Pioneers in community partnerships, emphasizing the relationship today with the Lacandon Maya in Chiapas and venture into international projects as the program was receptive to attract Chinese Tourism to Chiapas in 2008 (Maya Tian Kong Travel). We currently work in partnership with indigenous communities offering a travel experience surrounded by nature, mysticism and sustainable environments.

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San Cristóbal de las Casas

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