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The Dutch Tour Company offers tours, workshops, photo shoots and events. We're a well known local tour operator with many years of experience in organizing tours and events in and around Amsterdam. Get to know Amsterdam with a local guide, by foot, bike or by boat. The Dutch Tour Company is your number one choice for visiting the Red Light District and other parts of Amsterdam: walking dinners, original bike tours, stag and hen parties, a hilarious Red Light Photo Shoot, pub walks, the new Red Light District and more than ten other walking tours. We are specialized in letting you experience Amsterdam in all its diversity! Whether you're a bachelor party, company, family or group of friends, we're the most reliable and fun tour operator around.

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Rembrandt House, Rembrandt: All His Paintings (Tüm Tabloları), Anne Frank, Amsterdam Kanal Kemeri, Amsterdam Tarih Müzesi, Red Light District, Dam Meydanı, Westerkerk, Centraal Station

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