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I’m Dicky Woollard, owner of Do Go See Hong Kong. I take people round Hong Kong and help them to discover what a great city this is, and so much more… Let me be your Tour Guide in Hong Kong. I will show you a great time and you will leave with wonderful memories. A Bit about me? I’m originally from England but have lived in Asia since 2007, mainly in Hong Kong. I am a fully qualified guide (HK Tourist Council License TG10463), but I go much further than the training and exams require – because I bring the perspective of a visitor to my research and itinerary development. I am constantly studying Hong Kong, its culture, people, history, as well as visiting the attractions I will take you to, researching them in depth. I make the effort to work with you (actually I enjoy it, it’s not an effort), before and during your visit, to ensure the best visit we can arrange, working on the timings and itinerary, and take into account who you are (as an individual, family, small or large, private or corporate group), to make your visit a pleasure. Tell me about yourself, and help me to help you.

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Temple Street Night Market, Nathan Yolu, Nan Lian Bahçesi, Chi Lin Nunnery

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Hong Kong

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