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Discover Prague is the most complete tour operator in the city as we offer many sightseeing and guided tours covering Prague and the Czech Republic. OUR TOURS TAKE PLACE EVERY DAY, ALL YEAR! As the most complete tour operator in the city, you'll make the most of your time in Prague with us. We offer a wide array of sightseeing and guided tours in Prague for individuals and (private) groups. Holidays are meant for relaxation, to rejuvenate your energy while spending quality time with your loved ones and it is imperative to have Discover Prague as your tour provider. Look no further for a company that has the experience, infrastructure, commitment, and professional guides who are excited to share, with you, your precious holidays. So put away the black and white guidebooks and allow our fresh and friendly guides help you discover Prague. OUR TOURS ARE INFORMATIVE & FUN! The quality of a tour always impacts the lasting impression you have of any city. Discover Prague operates all of our own tours and we do not outsource services to any third party tour operators. This allows us to constantly maintain our customer satisfaction by constantly tracking and improving the quality of our tours. Every traveller deserves the best in quality service, no matter their budget.

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Terezin, Prag Kalesi, Karl Köprüsü, Eski Şehir Meydanı, Prag, Wenceslas Meydanı, Prasna Brana, Yahudi Mahallesi (Josefov), Belediye Sarayı Prag, Týn Kilisesi, Old Town (Stare Mesto), Prag Astronomik Saat Kulesi; Astronomik Saat Kulesi, St. Vitus Katedrali, Vitava Nehri, Mala Strana, Prag, Strahov Manastırı, Bertramka, Prag Kale Bölgesi

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Prag, Kutná Hora

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