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CSI: The Experience is an Interactive Attraction designed as a challenge to solve a crime mystery and immerses visitors in the exciting and entertaining world of crime scene investigation! As the latest CSI recruit, guests will begin their journey as they enter one of three crime scenes: "A House Collided" - a car has crashed through a living room window, "Who Got Served?" a young woman is found dead behind a motel, and "No Bones About it"- shows human skull buried in the desert. As Gil Grissom mentions in the briefing, "the dead can't speak for themselves" "document everything" as information will be valuable to help solve the mystery. With 15 different Lab Stations, you may find yourself analyzing and testing DNA, Toxicology, Drug testing, Firearm and toolmark identification, and visitng the Autopsy. After completing the investigation process, you will report scientific analysis to Gil Grissom. Gil Grissom will will ask you a series of questions, and play back the scenario of how the crime was committed, who committed the crime and who the victim was. After completion, you will receive an Official CSI Diploma, via email!

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