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Civita Tours Company is specialized in bus tours from Civitavecchia to Rome and Latium region. We are a company based in Civitavecchia Port with two decades of experience in the tourism environment. Our services range from guided bus tour to the ancient and Baroque Rome to indipendent travellers who whish to have just transfers from Civitavecchia Port to the centre of Rome and spend time on they own. Our guides have been working in the tourism environment for many years. During their careers, they gained exceptional knowledge of our wonderful city. We are focusing in customers service providing high standard tours with modern and safe coach. With two offices located in Civitavecchia, you can always came and visit us for whatever are your needs.

Civita Tours şu ilgi çeken yerler için turlar ve aktiviteler önerir:

Aziz Petrus Bazilikası, Roma Forumu, Kolezyum, Panteon, Trevi Çeşmesi, Piazza Navona, Sant'Angelo Kalesi, Circus Maximus, Portunus Tapınağı, Roma Adalet Sarayı, Via della Conciliazione, Capitol Tepesi, La Bocca della Verità, Tiber Nehri

Civita Tours şu şehirlerde turlar ve aktiviteler önerir:

Roma, Civitavecchia

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