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BORDOVINO! You have always dreamt about visiting chateaux in Bordeaux, you like wine even if you are not an expert, for you wine rhymes with pleasure, friendship, meetings, follow our mascot... BORDOVINO it is the will: To demystify Bordeaux wines To learn, discover, share, enjoy and of course…treat oneself BORDOVINO it is also: Strolls in the vineyards or the Bay of Arcachon. Various tastings, educational and entertaining Chateaux opened 7 days, a friendly atmosphere but always professionnal et moreover, to treat onself... BORDOVINO it is primarily: A passionate team, gorgeous and welcoming chateaux, sometimes originals, a very authentic day with plenty of little attentions and treats, and always happiness! An unforgettable experience!

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Chambord Şatosu, Chenonceau Şatosu, Loire Kaleleri, Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux

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Bordeaux, Tours, Biarritz, San Sebastián

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