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We send you our best greetings and we are looking forward to your taking an interest in Lithuania! Internet portal began in July 2005 to respond the growing interest of individual travellers and Travel Agencies worldwide to Lithuania as a new tourism destination. We use all modern Internet technologies to promote tourism potential of Lithuanian country and to show infrastructure, attractions, customs, history and many other tourism related information of the country to the visitors of our Internet portal. BALTIA TOUR Ltd. was established in July 2004 to provide high quality tourism services in the country. Company's Head Office is based in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Baltia tour şu ilgi çeken yerler için turlar ve aktiviteler önerir:

Trakai Adası Kalesi, Gediminas Kulesi, Vilnius Katedrali

Baltia tour şu şehirlerde turlar ve aktiviteler önerir:

Vilnius, Trakai, Kaunas

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