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DISCOVER BUENOS AIRES! 'BA', the City of Tango awaits you!--Its unique sites and culture beg to be discovered, and there is no better way to do this than joining a walk with fun, savvy local guides who speak your own language natively! We strive to provide a healthy, fun (often hilarious), and illuminating way to see a side of the city that most visitors never discover. Our approach is to synthesize the knowledge gained by a lifetime in Buenos Aires into short, dynamic walking tours that focus not only on mainstream historical events, but on individual narratives. While we show you our city, we tell about real people and through their stories you'll gain a deeper appreciation of Argentine culture and history. Our English-speaking guides offer historical gossip, political insight, close-up detail and personal travel suggestions that neither larger companies nor guidebooks can supply...

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Buenos Aires City Hall, Plaza de Mayo, La Boca, Casa Rosada, Recoleta Mezarlığı

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Buenos Aires

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